Optimizing Ship Loading & Discharging Operations

CARGO+ is a service designed to assist Dry-Bulk Ship-owners, Managers, Operators and Charterers in making the best decisions for optimizing the outcome of ship loading & discharging operations.


As it provides unparalleled guidance, insight and knowledge in assisting with the removal of risks related to cargo operations which can cause financial loss and reputational concerns, each and every ship in your fleet will benefit on the short and long term.
On the short term by in-depth addressing previous non-performance cases which affected ship cargo operations and preventing them from future incidence.
On the long term by developing and implementing procedures which can withstand times of crisis and ultimately contributing to an excellence operational standard which will make the difference between your fleet and that of your competitors.

Our goals and values are bonded to those of our clients.

Performance being a continuous process, we aim through a transparent collaboration with our client’s shore staff and onboard crew to deliver outstanding results for onboard performance thus helping to protect client’s business against risks such as:

⦁ incomplete pre-loading preparations
⦁ cargo operation delays due to equipment malfunction
⦁ downtime at berth due to de-ballasting problems
⦁ downtime at berth due to slow calculations procedures
⦁ cargo shortage due to excessive residual ballast quantity
⦁ cargo shortage due to hull deflection
⦁ overloading of the ship
⦁ damage to cargo during the sea passage
⦁ cargo shortage at discharge port
⦁ damage to cargo during the discharge operation
⦁ inaccurate or incomplete record keeping
⦁ staff skill limitations